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Suffering with mental disease


My sister is suffering with mental disease since 18 years. Now she is 35. Until her 17th year she was normal and an active girl. We consulted many doctors and found nothing. I request you to say some remedy for her to become normal.


Tapping (EFT) will work in this case.

Tap on the points and say, “I accept myself totally and I choose to see my sister as normal as she was 20 years ago”.

When you tap this statement, visualize what all she did when she was 15 or 16.

If you don’t know what tapping is, learn from somebody.


A Quiet Mind Releases Karma


It is great to know that numbers have powers. These numbers which you have written in this blog do not appear in your angel numbers section. Are there are more Angel numbers?

I have chanted some of the numbers. However, I did not see any visible effect. Probably this was on account of a Karmic effect.

How do we balance Angel Numbers vis-à-vis a “Karmic Effect”? Can Angel numbers mitigate the Karmic effect?


Everybody has a karmic effect. All of us are affected by previous karma. Let us not think that we have done something bad which is affecting the healing. This also should be released by tapping (EFT).

What is Karma? Karma means Doing. Let us not attribute any Bad element to it. We do not know what karma we did? But when the problems come the mind has a tendency to think whether we have done anything wrong in the previous birth. Making you think like this is the trick of the mind to fall into its grip. Analyze why we think like this. It is a Belief transferred to us.

When so many of us talk like this, we are conditioned like this.

Always have this in Mind, “I am not my mind. When my mind tricks me into any belief which hinders my progress, i awaken myself and detach myself from the mind releasing all the thoughts produced by it”.

When i am awake, Mind will be quite. Try any healing method with the openness. Let not your beliefs and opinions deter from using the healing techniques. All healing techniques are the gift of God. God wants us to improve further and further (more and more) spiritually, going farther and farther away from the mind.

Awaken and Rise yourself from the slumbers of the Mind. Let your soul guide you.

You have commented that these numbers are not working. All the healing techniques are dealing with energy. Mind is nothing but a field of bio-magnetic energy.

When one technique can work for all, there will be only one technique for all healing. We should understand that one technique may work for so many but may not for some. If one technique is not working for us, we have to find some other alternate healing technique and find out which is working for us. You may be fascinated by one technique and still wanting to use that which failed you.

Thinking that the technique is not working for me is Resistance and we had to heal this resistance.

For overcoming any resistance, one should use tapping with an affirmation, “Even though, numbers are not working for me, i accept myself and choose them healing me (or working for me)”.

You can also form another statement. “Even though numbers are working for others and not for me i accept myself totally”.

By this tapping one can release the Resistance to any healing method. Resistance is nothing but the expression of the mind. Tapping only can release the resistance of this type.

Once your attitude changes, the same technique will work for you. Resistance is formed by these thoughts only. Release each and every thought through tapping. Tapping is a good mental exercise to dwell deeper into one’s own mind. It loosens the grip of mind over us.


Thanks a lot for beautifully putting across the tricks of the mind vis-à-vis “Karma”. The Key I guess is in killing the mind which is the biggest challenge we all face.

I have found that the Tapping in particular has been extremely effective in releasing the conditioned mind and let the mind ‘BE AS IT IS “. So is the case with some of the Flower Remedies I have chanced to experiment with.

Probably, the mind in the instant case was conditioned to an expectation of the result in a shorter period of time between chanting of the Angel number and expectation of the result which resulted in its forming an opinion of the remedy being in-effective.

I shall certainly work on releasing the resistance of the mind in a healing technique.


Yes as you put it rightly, there is always a war going on between the soul and the mind. For people like us, mind is the winner. Let us try till last and this perseverance to understand the mind itself is a spiritual journey.

It is only a journey without the destination in sight. Only god knows it. Everyday let us surrender to God to keep us awake. HARI is the one Nama of Narayana, which can burn karmic effects on our life.  Again this is to mention that it will help us make sharper in observing the mind.

Every day morning, when you wake-up say “HARI” seven times. Similarly in the night say “HARI” seven times.

Just chanting this Nama can lead us to peace.

S. Sumathi

Tapping really helps one to get out of a particular pain or emotion immediately. One should do it to really experience the freedom from a pain or unwanted emotion.

It helps even when we want to get our work done or wish fulfilled.

There is no second chance in marriage

Referring the article “Remove negatives Reinforce positives” about handling a job interview using EFT (tapping) the client has the following discussion with Naran:


Interview is one thing.  I have only one wife and I don’t have prior experience either. This is my first and last marriage. How do I achieve harmony in my marriage, when I found nothing of that sort from day one of my marriage?


What qualities represent harmony for you?


Peace and Happiness are the two qualities that signify harmony for me. If I find them in my marriage then I would say I have harmony in my marriage.


Where else in your life you have found peace?


If I sit by the stream in my native village, which flows from a nearby mountain, I will find peace. The whole area is nothing but trees or green bushes. Even if they are not crowded, they are pleasant and soothing.


Anyway Green represents harmony.

Take a picture of that stream or any stream that gives you that peace.

Keep the picture on the left hand, tap continuously until that feeling gets strongly registered in the mind.

What represents happiness for you?


It is our joint family gathering during festival days. Of course we don’t meet any more and I don’t have a picture either.


I am sure you can hook into those memories of happiness once again. Just keep thinking of those happy memories and tap.

Now the feeling of happiness has come to you.

Now, affirm, “I find harmony in my married life’ for as many times as possible.


Govind was about to learn car driving and he was scared. He affirmed, ‘Even though I am afraid of learning car driving, I choose to learn it in the same way I learnt scooter riding’. In fact, he successfully learnt car driving without anybody’s help.

In the case of a job interview, we would have some instances where we have done well. So it is easier for affirmations to work. In the case of marriage, where we can’t bring a required emotional point of reference, then this technique of NLP can be employed.

Real bad scars on my face

Ms. R

I had a clear skin few years back. All of a sudden I got pimples and because I lack patience I start picking on them. This had left real bad scars on my face. My complexion has darkened too. And there is a stark difference between the face and other parts of the body.

I know it is very superficial of me to chase beauty, but it really gets embarrassing to go out in public now. I have never been to the parlors and done what other women do. I believe nature’s way is the best way. I used quite a few natural therapies like sandalwood, but the scars refuse to go.

I am really hoping if you can help me out.


You have to purchase one liquid from me and CRAB APPLE the flower remedy.

Ms. R

Like you said I bought the essence of Crab apple from you. How shall I use it?


Put the essence 2 drops in 500 ml water and take a small sip of the water every one hour. If pills, put 5 pills in 200 ml water and have small sips every one hour, till it gets exhausted.

Ms. R

I also wanted to say. I tried using EFT (tapping) for the same problem and it has made quite a difference am so happy I became aware of the technique from this blog.


Continue. Continue.

Ms. R (after 6 weeks)

My skin has improved a lot after using crab apple!  Thank you so much for helping me out. I am grateful to you and your help.


Crab Apple: this Bach Flower Remedy is a mental and physical cleanser

Tapping helps to release the mental cause behind the skin problems.

Remove negatives Reinforce positives


I had been working in the IT industry for several years. Currently, I am looking for a change in job. However, I am not doing well in the interviews, even though I am technically competent. Can you please suggest something to fix this failure attitudes and behavior?


  1. Think about all those interviews where you haven’t done well. Keep on thinking the feelings and emotions as well as thoughts associated with them. Tap on yourself. Keep tapping until you release all those negatives.
  2. Now, think about all those interviews where you have done well. Keep on thinking the feelings and emotions as well as thoughts associated with them. Tap on yourself. Keep tapping until you feel very comfortable about interviews, feeling self-confident and successful.

Do this exercise for at least 10 days and on those days you are appearing for an interview.

Good luck.

Purpose of Tapping

(From Multi Dimensional Healing June 27 Workshop)

Simple way of tapping:

Pull the entire 10 fingers one at a time as well as the gamut point (it’s the hollow place between the front little and ring fingers).

For any type of problem, pull each finger and tap on gamut, and affirm “I accept myself totally”. What does the affirmation means? It means that I accept my life situation, the event, as well as my feelings and my thoughts.

How to make sure we are not influenced by a situation?

Situation is one percent, our reaction is 99%. It becomes bothersome or problematic because of our own mind.

You are watching an accident on the road. A person riding a motor cycle had met with an accident. The mother of the person, who was watching it happen, will react more strongly than others. Same event but reactions are different.

Our habit is to react emotionally. If we don’t have connection to the situation, I am not affected. Who gives this link? Isn’t it the mind?

If you do tapping then you will came out of the panic situation. Why should you come out? Then you can help, as you have a calm and tranquil mind. You will react calmly and do the necessary. Instead we overreact and spoil the whole thing.

Parents beware! Children are not watching TV!

Chitra had to attend to her daily Yoga class in Annai Yoga Center. She was worried whether her son, who is preparing for a professional exam, will study for his exam or watch TV.

She did tapping to release her tension. She was relieved after few rounds of tapping.

When she reached home, her son remarked he felt so free that he was able to concentrate on his studies J


We are all connected. What we think about others – especially children, affects them. So beware of what you think about your children.

Bleeding stopped from distance


My mother is towards her menopause. She had been having constant bleeding for almost 25 days. She does not stay with me.

She called me up and told that her doctor has suggested that she takes hormone injections for five days. If the flow does not stop the doctor warned, then her uterus has to be removed.

I asked my mother to wait for a while before a decision is taken.

After the call I decided to do tapping with an affirmation from Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body”. In this book Louise L Hay has given the reasons behind the most common diseases and the affirmations required to heal the physical condition(s).

I affirmed, “I, (my mother’s name,) am balanced and peaceful in all changes of cycles and I bless my body with love.”

Chanting this affirmation I did the tapping (EFT) on all the spots. The very next day morning, my mother called up to say that the bleeding had completely stopped. In addition, she was fine by all means.


Anupa has used the technique EFT from distance.

Improve your level of self-confidence


I am an HR trainer.

I am into a very big assignment with an organization – HPCL. Four of us have to work as team, of which one is known to me and the other two trainers are from Bangalore.

This was the second in a series of forty sessions. The coordinator of the entire training called me aside and told me that the other two trainers feel that I am not capable of handling this work. They feel I will not be able to perform up to their expectations. My first reaction to their feedback was irritation and anger.

Then I suddenly realised that for the past few days I have been thinking in the same way. I have doubted my own capacity.

So I immediately began tapping (EFT) by affirming “I accept myself totally and I am confident”. In addition, I tapped, “People working with me are confident about me”.

After doing this I felt a lot better and just plunged into the work.

After two days, I was told by the coordinator that I had done an excellent job. Most importantly I was a lot more confident at the end of all this.

Thank you, Balakumar. 

School Drop Outs

In one of the Naran S. Balakumar’s class on EFT, a woman complained that her son has stopped going to school. Nothing could make him to attend the school again.

Naran asked her to do tapping during the class. She did tapping for five minutes. Then, she repeated it in the evening too.

Next day, her son went to school without any prompting.

In another instance, a mother complained that her daughter is not concentrating on her studies. Naran asked her to do EFT for the feelings and the thoughts that she has about her daughter.

Within a few days of tapping, she started studying.

Moral of the story: We are all connected

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