How to be successful with money

Analyze your Money-Success

Find out what are your negative thoughts about money.

They could be something like, for example, “Money minded people are crooks”.

Find out from the internet the prevailing negative beliefs about money and tick those that are relevant to you.

Release all of them one by one.

First accept the thought and then release the thought.

Tapping (EFT) is the best method by which you can release your thoughts.

Impact of negative thoughts

These negative thoughts prevent us from receiving money. There are many of them between success and money.

Therefore, we are not able to happily spend our money.

You have to release these thoughts so that the thought which you feel relevant to you first time, will not be relevant to you next time.

The above extract was taken from ‘I Love Myself Workbook’ by Naran S Balakumar

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. naranji,

    we moved our own appt on last july we gave an interior work to a guy who is not completed our work till now we called evryday and we are fedup with him.can u suggest a sw to complete the work in a good manner

    can u suggest a sw to find a source of money to complete all the work?

  2. meera,
    chant cherryplum impatiens chestnutbud

    • Hi Naranji

      My son 6 year old is very introverted. so much that he doesn’t talk with anyone other than us(parents and a elder brother).because of it he has trouble making friends and even in school. his voice is also very very feeble, most of the times you can hear him only whispering. he also takes around an hour or so for eating. he is very intelligent and smart but because of his introvertedness he is always lonely and i feel bad for him. please tell me some flower remedies or switch words to help my son.

      thanks in advance

  3. SD,
    give him the flower remedies Mimulus larch in the day time. Give Aspen in the night.

  4. Thanks a lot sir.I started giving him mimulus and larch and within two days i see a big change in him. he has started to talk more and his voice is also loud. I will add aspen also to it. Thanks again.

  5. Sir,
    My son, who is 9 yrs now is intelligent. But talks too much, work less. He is intelligent in his studies, but does not have friends. Always complaining about something or the other.

    Please suggest some remedies.


  6. Nirupama nalini Acharya

    Namaste sir, 7 yrs back we booked a flat from the property owner, but due to his family conflicts now he cldnt sell that flat to us. So now we want our money back as he was promised to pay back us with interest ,but every time he is delaying to give us our money back.. ..please Sir help

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