Remove negatives Reinforce positives


I had been working in the IT industry for several years. Currently, I am looking for a change in job. However, I am not doing well in the interviews, even though I am technically competent. Can you please suggest something to fix this failure attitudes and behavior?


  1. Think about all those interviews where you haven’t done well. Keep on thinking the feelings and emotions as well as thoughts associated with them. Tap on yourself. Keep tapping until you release all those negatives.
  2. Now, think about all those interviews where you have done well. Keep on thinking the feelings and emotions as well as thoughts associated with them. Tap on yourself. Keep tapping until you feel very comfortable about interviews, feeling self-confident and successful.

Do this exercise for at least 10 days and on those days you are appearing for an interview.

Good luck.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran Sir & Shobna Madam
    Accept my regards
    This blog is like Mhamritunjay mantra for me.Daily I go through it if some thing is added or many people are being blessed by you and that is why god has blessed you to do this divine work without selfish good wishes to you.
    Though if we read this blog carefully i think we can find solution for every problem whether it is related to daily life or if we want to attach ourselves with highest supreme.only requirement is one should have faith.
    I also want advice from you on Bad Eye.We have made a new house. Till now almost no relative and no friend visited that house .For social life it is necessary to invite friend also.for some people we are sure that they are going to cast bad eye on our materialistic progress.tell us some divine words to chant daily like puja routine that no bad eye effects our home or our progress.especially on the day when we know that some one with bad thinking is going to visit on particular day.


    • Gauri,
      Hang a picture of Rockrose and star of bethlehem in the hall and in the bedroom.
      Chant rock rose to ward off the Evil eye.
      Chant white chestnut, walnut, crab apple, star of bethlehem over a cup of water and spray on the walls of the entire house, to resotore sacred geometric order.
      Star of bethlehem will correct any vasthu defects. (additional information)

  2. Namaste Sir,
    It is regarding my son he is 17 NW but is very afraid of his father, doesn’t reply or utter a word against him, if scolded, anger is feeled in him, I want him to open up n b confident n b positive. He is blocked in spite of being intelligent this fear is lacking him back. His height is also hampered not growing. I want him to b a confident happy positive boy.
    Please help

  3. i have lost my job its been 4 months . i have applied so many jobs but no response.where i received response after first round they never called. i am so disappointed now and full with negative thoughts.

  4. Namaste sir 🙏 sir i m CA Final student . I left with only 3 papers to become a CA. I have my exams in may2022. I failed in December 2021 exams. I become negative many timess nd imagine FAIL word in my mind. I become nervous in dec 2021 exams nd i forgot all the answers which i learnt. Right now i have concentration issues also. Please help me

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